Joseph’s Play

JOSEPH’S PLAY is written by Rachel ME McKenzie (c) 2017 and was performed at AGAP’s Lentfest 2017 with Lynn Murray spokesperson Don’t Screen Us Out It is February 2017. Babs has just won a prize for entrepreneur of the year regarding new technologies behind prenatal screening. Technologies, which have just been accepted by the UK […]

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In Memoriam JRMc

Conceived Our Span measured  In a few rotations  As our earth-home turns.  Our mortal remains  Consigned to earth or urns.  Our way going  As little understood as our beginning.  But in that brief  Being To have been the centre of a  Universe -Or that small part of it.  We were…we’ve known.  An understanding So intense  […]

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Curtain Call Cara

RMEMME’s canine member of staff, Cara, has taken her final bow.   At 15 dog years, which is 105 human years, she has a had good innings.  Cara, which means the ‘beloved’ was a rescue dog.  With her unconditional love, loyalty and general furriness, I think she rescued me.  The world’s getting a bit mad, […]

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Meeting You Mid-Air

Friends in high places where air oxygenates the blood A robin cocked his head and listened and when he finished not one neon street light glistened. The dog returned no longer worried by empty lampstands. Potter’s grace to shape this fledling little tree that wants to fly to be free and patrol others safety. Green […]

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