Marking Time

‘New solo show set to be doing more than Marking Time at this year’s Fringe’ RMEMME presents MARKING TIME Brand new one-woman show tackles life-changing news and takes place inside a broken down hospital lift.  Tom has cancer and is about to meet the consultant.  Wife Ruth, is in too much of a hurry to […]

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Joseph’s Play

RMEMME produces short plays on today’s controversial topics.  To bring fresh insight on debates which affect humanity yet are polarised by power driven argument. Live performances can be followed by question and answer opportunities. After the v successful premiere in Edinburgh ofJoseph's Play, w star Sarah Rachel Murray. Many congratulations! — Archbishop Cushley (@leocushley) […]

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Motherwell Express

Political values are informed by the values lived and promoted in our society.  They also dictate them.  Values and value-shaping are no more evident than in the stories we perform through drama. Stories are big currency.  We tell stories daily. Routinely we listen to them during our office breaks, conversations on the commute home and […]

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