Motherwell Express

A play by Rachel ME McKenzie 2016 (c) copyright first performed at AGAP’s 2016 Glasgow Lentfest. After a friends-with-benefits encounter leaves her pregnant,  Monica, 19, boards the Motherwell Express.  Desperate  to reverse the action of the abortion pill she swallowed hours earlier. On board she meets two very different women, Rose and Breda.  The three […]

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Joseph’s Play

JOSEPH’S PLAY is written by Rachel ME McKenzie (c) 2017 and was performed at AGAP’s Lentfest 2017 with Lynn Murray spokesperson Don’t Screen Us Out It is February 2017. Babs has just won a prize for entrepreneur of the year regarding new technologies behind prenatal screening. Technologies, which have just been accepted by the UK […]

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Marking Time

MARKING TIME was performed at EdFringe 2017 with theSPACE venue 53.  Review by Broadway Baby here and Lancet Oncology here. Marking Time is a brand new one-woman show tackling life-changing news and takes place inside a broken down hospital lift.  Tom has cancer and is about to meet the consultant.  Wife Ruth, is in too much […]

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