The Lure

The sea waits at the edge of the city

patient, circling, looming.

Laughs at candy floss clowns

and children playing with buckets and spades.


Still she waits resilient

beating the gulls that voice her pain

screeching, wings flapping, diving for fish

insane creatures alarmed and confused.


She is waiting for me

to undress on her shoreline

leave a bundle of clothes small as the ego

now departing, filling up with icy water and lies.


Pockets soaked, underwear clinging, hair sticking.

To walk back now, to retreat

would be to admit

dark secrets, dark chapters, dark past.


She waits to engulf me

A large mother with beefy arms round her young

swaddling, strangling, succouring

winning as she crushes me to submission.


I let out a scream

she laughs, who will hear it here

a silent bobbing life buoy?

rhythmically she moves me forward, she has won.


RMEMME (c) 2017


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