Tail in Three Cats

Cat One


I will always regret

the closed door

I made you stay behind.

Chained, mechanical, pained,

like me.

Clockwork we performed well

You and I

to the master’s needs.

His need to control me, who he relied on

and you who relied on no-one.

You would break your shift pattern

O’ cat named Tav

and defecate at an ungodly hour.

The master would rise like vapour

and punish you.

Years later, o little creature of nature, I wonder

did you take on the tyrant for me?

I will always wish I had let you loose sooner,

into the neighbours garden, over the flower covered wall

and onto paradise.

I stayed on but cheered that little you could

no longer interrupt hell at 2 in the morning.

I think you reached the blue mountains and red sea

and called on me to open the closed door

leaving Nothingness for hope.

Cat Two


Your master Quinto was gentle as dew

and he talked of waiting on you

to come out of his cupboard

where you were leaving your scent

all over his walking boots and dress shoes

Shoes that walked over to me

almost on tip toe

So quiet I might have dismissed them

But that he made me laugh

And laughing is sore with stitches on wounds.

Later when he introduced me to you Quinto

and though he called you semi-feral

You would curl up in the crook of my knee

and celebrate with me

the wonder of being free.

Cat Three



Apocalyptic white with a kiss curl of red hair.

You stood in a pool of light

at the opening of our bedroom door.

Jumped on our bed and interviewed us.


We lay perfectly still

You prodded and pulled

Looked us both in the eye

then made off with a happy sigh.


Awhile you enhanced our home

but there were others to whom you choose to roam.

The night before you left you lay close to me.

As if to be sure I wouldn’t stop you.


When I knew the cats that had set me free

that would be a liberty.

So you went to Methusala and his cat-loving wife

and loved them into an extraordinary long and happy life.

RMEMME (c) 2017


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