In Memoriam JRMc

Conceived Our Span measured 
In a few rotations 
As our earth-home turns. 
Our mortal remains 
Consigned to earth or urns. 
Our way going 
As little understood as our beginning. 
But in that brief 
Being To have been the centre of a 
Universe -Or that small part of it. 
We were…we’ve known. 
An understanding So intense 
So real.…That makes Not Being! Incomprehensible? 
Tracing our pedigree To first parents Leaves us with But a stem. 
For “How took they root?” 
“Who begot them?” 
And this boundless place 
We cannot measure. 
This limitless space of infinite treasure. 
Why spend so little Conscious time therein? 
One life 
A mere momentary light and gone – 
Not to be rekindled Else by the first 

Joseph Raymund McCluskey © All Souls Day 1990

In Memoriam was written by my late father and features in RMEMME’s Edinburgh Fringe 2017 premiere Marking Time.


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