Freedom From Arrest

And still the sirens scream,
mermaids on dry land
who got lost in the wilderness
or chose to go back.
Spreading their nets, bait for
Fish frightened to keep going forward.

Prettied faces, sweetened voices
luring, lying, laying
illusions, red-carpeted, like
Hollywood movies
denying the past and
its’ barbarity.

Excluding Him, for a
godless reality where materialism
can reek it’s scent.
Drunk, deceiving, despotic jailor,
prince of the wilderness,
empty, rotting, coveting chameleon.

I run now.
Not because of you –
I have protection beyond your power –
but the weakness in me
that wants comfort,
cushioned and sublime.

Dreams eh?
Of boats far from water,
creations adrift from their Creator.
Your cine projector predicts
an aloneness unbearable,
but this is only a film.

And they never capture
the living essence in The Book,
love from Him who takes my hand
gently whispering ‘forward go’
so I can cherish
my freedom from arrest.

RMEMME (c) 2017

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