Joseph’s Play

RMEMME produces short plays on today’s controversial topics.  To bring fresh insight on debates which affect humanity yet are polarised by power driven argument. Live performances can be followed by question and answer opportunities.

RMEMME hosted ‘First for Down’s, Up for Anything else’.  This was the premiere of Joseph’s play (c) 2017 written by Rachel ME McKenzie. With Lynn Murray, spokesperson from Don’t Screen Us Out, as guest speaker.

This was a salutory look at the need for ethics to govern new screening tests to avoid screening out our Downs Syndrome community and the potential for screening many other communities after that…


It is February 2017. Babs has just won a prize for entrepreneur of the year regarding new technologies behind prenatal screening. Technologies, which have just been accepted by the UK government despite concerns on the impact this will have on the Downs Syndrome community. With the anticipation of increased ‘business’ Babs wants to make sure her counselling room for expectant parents is state of the art. Joseph, a carpenter, is fitting the room out for Babs, while she spends her time in the office dictating letters, worrying about the opposition to the technologies, and that girl Sarah with the sandwiches. There’s something about Joseph that’s deeply unnerving Babs …

RMEMME (c) 2017