Motherwell Express

Political values are informed by the values lived and promoted in our society.  They also dictate them.  Values and value-shaping are no more evident than in the stories we perform through drama.

Stories are big currency.  We tell stories daily. Routinely we listen to them during our office breaks, conversations on the commute home and on a national level through the news, soap operas and films.

Many stories, however, have been pushed out of the conversation. This ensuing silence hurts people whose lives have been affected by abortion and loss.  Women and men and their children, who could not grow up to be their own unique story.

This silence also means ‘three parent embryos’ and other eugenic practices like CRISPR have been ushered into the marketplace disregarding human rights legislation enshrined for our protection. This silence has allowed a commercialisation of women’s pregnancies.

Stories are experts at bridging the gap.  Bringing drama, informed and influenced by lived experience, to the stage allows for healing to take place and arguments can be seen in their many dimensions.

MOTHERWELL EXPRESS by RMEMME’s Rachel ME McKenzie (c) 2017

This play is the story of Monica. A ‘friends with benefits’ encounter leaves this 19 year old student desperate to reverse the consequences of the abortion pill she bought online.  She boards the train for Motherwell to get to a hospital, but it gets held up in the Lanarkshire countryside.  She meets Rose, a high flying consultant with a typical 21st century relationship with those around her, especially Breda the train’s ‘trolley-dolly’.  Breda and Rose have met almost daily on the train for 10 years but do they know each other at all? Will the train ever get moving? Will we as a society move on from a culture impersonal and ever ready to see death as a solution?  Breda, Rose and Monica all have a lot to learn as these three different women are made to wait on the Motherwell Express…

RMEMME (c) 2017