Parachuting Over the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone
Is a war of past, future
the not-so-clear present.
It’s a chain, though also a release
slavery to self, free from everyone else.
It’s recrimination and regret
it’s every rejection
It takes, to form a free spirit.
It’s silent tears and overgrown fears,
its a gamble, a risk.

Remember this is the one you can’t afford to miss
it’s a kiss goodbye as well as hello
it’s a miss of all that seems familiar
and a stranglehold of that part of I
that would rather hide and lie, than try.

Yet breaking through the comfort zone
is the only pathway to peace.
The only way to mute, to silence
the back street driver whispering
– it’s always a whisper –
Love can never last. Stupid.
There’s another wrong turning,
Are all your rights, left?

And yet what passage
ever smoothed through
rejoicing, revering?
Birth is but the first painful
shedding to reach the light.
To depart a glorious womb
that has protected and nourished you
But, would if you didn’t leave,
have to expel to avoid physical hell.

If giving up was easy
then what you had was nothing.
If what you had was nothing,
then why grieve the moving on?
Life is sometimes light even in dark places
But when the light has gone
to grope around what was illuminated
would be to bump into dark shapes
an awkward and rough terrain.

Parachute free from those comfort zones
Accept the losses, the things you can’t carry
the things others took.
Whatever’s yours will always come back to you
the way light always returns at the dawn.

RMEMME © 2017