Language is Not a Game

The many have got tired of labels and voted beyond the labelling of the pollsters, peers and profiteers. Change itself is an inevitable, non negotiable commodity, for which only our eyes can truly be our merchant, this time. Communication, what we have ‘in common’ – we need discussion of what we find is our commonality in diversity.

Communication, in all her mediums, has been taken steadily captive in my lifetime. The blame game compensation culture, the surveillance culture and individualism, to name a few. Communication, itself, needs a deep cleanse in the arid desert of confusion she finds herself post election, with fake news sites and an over sensitivity not to offend.

Language with its beauty, nuances, tones and diction can turn a sentence into a poem or an obscenity. Yet language has become an ogre full of labels and classifications. PC language, and others, full of benevolent ideas perhaps, simply stopped listening. Whatever language is, it must be two way. Many in mental health wanted to reclaim “loony” as all the “acceptable” labels often proved a polite way of disempowering people with mental health illness. Similarly, some disabled advocates reclaimed “cripple” for their self identification.

Not all Communication is Truth but Truth must be communicable, knowable or else it deceives. Truth and deceit are opposites. Descartes established that. People have voted beyond the boundaries of labels and polls. They used their own eyes “In a dark time, the eye will see” (anonymous)

Language is becoming  a morse code which has few possibilities, nor defends truth from counterfeit .  “A is bad because B is good” – we are force fed the ultimate in relativism, utilitarian, identity politics. This persecutes religious language and what we should learn from the mystic, the learning disabled, the uneducated.  Those whose voices are now painfully justifying their lives and why they should not be killed.


RMEMME (c) 2016


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