Invisible cages

A last look Mist outside A silent arrow The organ played Even a robin sang.   I blew out your candle Have I no paddle now? Past two sheep in a horse box. Dead. Their eyes gorged.   We walked on past the hounds of hell A darting sunlight volleyed in the valley cheering returning […]

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Marking Time

MARKING TIME was performed at EdFringe 2017 with theSPACE venue 53.  Review by Broadway Baby here and Lancet Oncology here.    Marking Time is a brand new one-woman show tackling life-changing news and takes place inside a broken down hospital lift.  Tom has cancer and is about to meet the consultant.  Wife Ruth, is in too much of a hurry to notice […]

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Grief the silver thread a shiny, slippery chord that threatens to snap and suspend me mid-air legs dancing in fear the Tango, hanging,stripped of support,splayed. Grief the master puppeteer pulling the strings. Today’s adult attempt at calm and recollect ends with make up smeared, humiliation further feared. Grief the great unpredictable a blackmailer always wanting […]

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The Lure

The sea waits at the edge of the city patient, circling, looming. Laughs at candy floss clowns and children playing with buckets and spades.   Still she waits resilient beating the gulls that voice her pain screeching, wings flapping, diving for fish insane creatures alarmed and confused.   She is waiting for me to undress […]

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Tail in Three Cats

Cat One TAV I will always regret the closed door I made you stay behind. Chained, mechanical, pained, like me. Clockwork we performed well You and I to the master’s needs. His need to control me, who he relied on and you who relied on no-one. You would break your shift pattern O’ cat named […]

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Curved Ball

The curved ball buoys silent in the harbour past the mooring and the scene a few moons past when dawn broke. A fist-fight silvery silhouetted blades touching neck, searing cloth passing from innocence to guilty a train wreck.   The curved ball reminds us of the fall, our part, their part, the cleansing, the mending […]

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Motherwell Express

A play by Rachel ME McKenzie 2016 (c) copyright first performed at AGAP’s 2016 Glasgow Lentfest. After a friends-with-benefits encounter leaves her pregnant,  Monica, 19, boards the Motherwell Express.  Desperate  to reverse the action of the abortion pill she swallowed hours earlier. On board she meets two very different women, Rose and Breda.  The three […]

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